One of the Best in Fabric Manufacturing

Founded in 1996 with the pursuit of dreams, Burcu Kumaş has started to climb to the top of the sector by blending dreams with the production capability of machines over the past years.


Dreams Blended with Machine Power

Burcu Fabric, which has not compromised its characteristic features since its establishment, continues to work with subjective designs, quality raw materials and above-standard production results.

Being aware that the ability to understand and explain has been a key to trade for centuries, the Burcu Fabric team attaches as much importance to the quality of our communication as the quality of our production.

Our Vision & Mission

Since 1996 until today, the only thing that has not changed in a rapidly and constantly changing world has been our understanding of quality and service.

We want to be a pioneering brand that pushes the boundaries of design and provides the highest level of quality by offering our customers the magical world of fabric. Our vision is to be the pioneer of fashion and creativity with our fabrics that tell each story woven by each thread. As a globally preferred brand, we aim for our fabrics to be a source of inspiration in every stitch and every design.
Our mission is to help designers and brands that embrace quality as a lifestyle to realise their vision by offering the most superior knitted fabrics. Each of our fabrics is assembled with meticulously selected materials and skilful craftsmanship. Our sustainability principle is a reflection of both our environmental and social responsibility, which is why we are committed to ensuring environmentally sound production processes and fair working conditions at every step.
Careful processing of our fabrics down to the finest detail forms the basis of our quality. By aiming perfection at every stage, we add value to the world of design.
  • Stocked Ready Products
  • Stocked Ready Products

From Production to You The Adventure of Our Fabrics

High Quality, Superior Service

Our fabrics, each stage of which is carefully and carefully reviewed, reach you after these stages